Cars 2

Pixar has done it again. I cannot agree with the critics on this one. As far as I’m concerned Pixar’s record of not having made a single bad film yet is still unbroken. Many critics have said that they feel this is Pixar’s worst film yet and the first one that does not live up to its previous oeuvre of films but I disagree.

Yes I am a fan of Pixar’s work but this film simply does not deserve the bad press it’s getting. Yes it is a very different film from the first Cars movie and yes it does center more on the Tow Mater character but that does not make it a bad film. In fact this film is very exciting, fast moving and funny with a great message like all of the other Pixar films. And yes this move can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Cars 2 is a completely different movie from the first Cars. Where the first Cars was a story about a big city car coming to a small town somewhere on Route 66 USA, Cars 2 goes even further. It is more of a James Bond film that takes us all over the world. We travel to Tokyo, Japan, London, England and Italy.

It starts out with a very exciting James Bond action piece in the middle of the Ocean and from there it barely lets up. This film is more focused on Tow Mater, the hillbilly tow truck from the first movie, and how he is perceived by cars in other countries leading to some soul searching moments. Mater is invited to come along on a racing tour around the world and is mistaken for an international spy. There is a message about gasoline fuel vs. clean reusable fuel and how the oil companies are keeping us depended on fossil fuels.

Overall it’s a great fun ride with a moving message and gorgeous animation that Pixar does so well. All the Pixar hallmarks are there including little teaser cameos from previous Pixar films.



Boschii said...

I am going to have to see this movie. I wasn't planning on seeing it due to all of the bad press...but I guess as they say no such thing as bad press : )

Jermaine Donaldson said...

I'm with Rachel aka Boschii,

I really want to see the new cars film. I'm sure that seeing is believing. Great clarity around the film and the deeper meaning that Pixar wants to give to the audience.