The Avengers

Summer has officially started with this super cool, super fun, super-hero movie that brings together for the first time the heroes from several movie franchises including Thor (2011), The Incredible Hulk (2008), Captain America (2011), and Iron Man (2008, 2010), plus a couple of new characters. This one lives up to the hype and will satisfy comic book fans as well as fans of the movie adaptations and feels very much like the successful Iron Man movies.

The Avenger initiative is S.H.I.E.L.D.’s weapon against invasions from alien worlds. A collection of super humans with unique powers, but it only works if they work together as a team, and that is the big problem. Like any team of highly skilled and competitive individuals they all want the spot light for themselves. Similar to the World Cup soccer teams where some of the biggest egos in sports come together only once every four years and are asked to play alongside their lesser team mates, these over achieving egos with personal issues don’t play well with others.

Tony Stark is the George Lucas of the super-hero universe; he has all the coolest and most advanced gadgets. Even S.H.I.E.L.D.’s technology is not quite up to his standards and no one can agree on what course of action to take when the villain Loki from Thor shows up with a clever scheme to enslave mankind.

Iron Man and the Hulk are probably the coolest characters in the movie in my opinion, supplying much of the humor, and they have the best on-screen chemistry between them as they are both scientists, but all the characters get their equal share of fun moments in this film.

Our squabbling heroes easily fall prey to a surprise attack during their first trial working as a unit when Samuel Jackson’s character Nick Fury finally intervenes and appeals to their less selfish natures and they decide to put their differences aside to focus on fighting their common enemy. It’s a great set-up story that introduces us to a new franchise that has unlimited sequel and spin-off potential.

Make sure to stay until the end of the credits as there is a very funny scene after the credits finish.

It’s going to be a great year for super-hero movies with a new Batman movie and a new Spider-man film coming to cinemas in July. Also look for Battleship and Men in Black 3 coming this May.



Dan O. said...

Jam-packed full of action, humor, special effects, and superheroes, The Avengers is the perfect way to start off the Summer blockbuster season. I hope that Whedon returns for the sequel that they're talking about doing, but then again, it may be another 4 years until we get to see that again. Nice review JP. I wonder what will be a bigger flick this Summer: this or The Dark Knight Rises? Can't wait to see that one either!

Love to Write said...

My husband and I are planning to see this. Sounds like it will be good according to your review. :)

Susan Cooper said...

This sounds like a hoot of a movie. I have always loved this type of film. After reading your review it is now on my must see list. :D Susan Cooper